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Passionate and hard working individual that strives to produce the best results and experience to all customers.

I do my very best to answer every call, message and give my undivided attention to every customer that trusts me with their vehicle. Cervantes details is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to your service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.

I am committed to grow cervantes details into a company that customers truly believe and support. I'm looking at 10 years down the road of where I want to be and that can only be possible by doing things the right way.

I want you to be excited to drive your car to your next destination. my goal is to deliver the best results with a stree-free experience from start to finish. 



Luis is a 21 year old young individual who started his business like many others. He wanted to take care of his personal car, a 2006 bmw E90.

He spent hours trying to get his bmw cleaner then ever on his free time to get some clean pictures for his instagram page called @clean_e90_ with more then 1k supporters and is continuing to grow every single day. Luis enjoys doing photography on his free time and enjoys traveling to different places to explore new things. 

Back before cervantes details started, Luis was working a full time job at a Chevrolet dealership washing cars and working as a shuttle driver taking customers home while their vehicle was getting serviced. He had been employed there for about 1 year and 2 months working really hard without missing any days so that he can move up in the company as a lube tech so he could get started with his automotive career. Later on while working there, there happened to be a global pandemic called "covid 19" which caused most of the team members from the dealership to loose their jobs including him. Luis started to feel very devastated and worried because that was his only income coming in and started to worry that he had to live off his savings for a while. A couple weeks later after being let go from his job Luis started to think about his future plans and what he wanted to do with his career but he still found himself very confused on what he wanted to become. Luis always enjoyed washing or cleaning his car, something about getting into the zone of detailing a car while listening to music made him feel at peace without having a person telling him what to do. One morning he decided to clean his engine bay on his E90 and one of his neighbors decided to take a Walk outside to catch some fresh air and came up to the car and got very surprised on how clean the engine bay came out. He tells Luis he should look into starting his own detailing business since he has a good eye for it and sees him always taking care of his car. Luis then thought that was a great idea and was surprised he didn't think of that sooner. He started to think about it that night wondering if people would actually pay him to wash or service their vehicle. After a lot of thinking and contemplating he decided to take action. Best decision he ever made. Things in life really do happen for a reason and he felt very thankful for his neighbor for giving him an idea that potentially changed his life. He took being let go from his job as a blessing because he wasn't happy in that job and wanted to do bigger things in life. Luis realized auto detailing was one of his hidden passions because he enjoyed doing it without bothering about the time. He then started to do research about starting a detailing business and came across a YouTube channel that helped him start. He invested about $1000 in equipment and started to get to work. He started to get phone calls from family members and friends asking for details after posting about it on social media and the word started to spread. Luis always had a great work ethic. He worked many jobs and side hustled on his own to be able to save more money while having really pushy bosses who never really appreciated him for his hard work. He realized working a job wasn't for him and wanted to become his own boss. Luis has many goals in life and is willing to work really hard to make cervantes details into a successful company. 

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